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Class Action Against GM

Interesting. Do I join the class action suit? Wait for the lawyers to contact me with a settlement or a request to join the suit?

Or just keep driving my 427 and hope for the best?

I have already received an extended warranty for the clutch fluid problem. If GM issues an extended warranty for the engine, I would be okay.

There are lots of LS7 engines on the streets. What percentage of them have failed?
Mine seems to be running strong.
If the little flyers I get are any indication, you are automatically included in the class unless you opt out. However, just because the plaintiff's filed a class action law suit doesn't mean the court has to certify it as such. You probably have some time before having to make a decision.
In a class action suit the lawyers frequently get 80% of the award. If the suit asks for a monetary judgement instead of a warranty or immediate repair, you know the lawyers for the class are after money, not fairness.
It's worse than that. Lots of times the plaintiffs get coupons for future purchases with all the cash going to the lawyers. Their is only one group that is going to come out ahead on this.

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This isn't good news either. Consumer reports ranks the 20 worst new cars. Corvette is #5 with issues listed as infotainment screen froze or went blank. Premature brake wear. Defective automatic climate control. Faulty GPS. Squeaks from convertible top.

While I realize the list is subjective, Consumer Reports is a respected organization.

20 Least Reliable New Cars | Fox News
While I realize the list is subjective, Consumer Reports is a respected organization.

Not by me however.
CR has their agenda and they generally hate American made cars and go out of their way to find fault.
I look to Consumer Reports for toaster, microwave and tooth paste reviews, but don't have the same auto agenda as the CR testers. As for the consumer feedback - it couldn't be any more unreliable:

It is based on statistically invalid "self reporting." Anyone who has seriously studied surveys and statistics knows that self reporting
respondents frequently have an agenda, besides rarely being a valid representation of anything.

The CR sample size is usually statistically invalid to make any honest conclusions. How many Stingray owners do you think are CR
subscribers? If the sample size was eight, and the one had reliably issues, the resulting figures could be correct, but total crap as a
valid example of the universe of vehicles. DUH

In short, he entire Consumer Reports owner feedback program is really a scam that really only provides the experiences of opinionated subscribers who famously love foreign brands and/or whatever car they own. It is a worthless device to assess the quality (and qualities) of items that are controversial or personal, like car ownership...forget the small, self reporting, unrepresentative sample size. I felt the same way about their reports when the Vette was highly rated.

All that said, GM, Chevy, Tadge and the rest of the team need to get off the laurels they got with the introduction of the Stingray and fix the issues everyone knows some of the cars have. I haven't had a lick of a problem with my C7, but enough folks have to prompt Chevy to quit denying and get to work on fixes. I know two people who have permanently cancelled their plans to buy Z06s based on issues we all know about. Sooner or later, that's going to hurt. It takes years to turn around bad quality perceptions.

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