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clicking sound at 25MPH



Hi, this might sound stupid, but what is the clicking sound (3 clicks) when my 2001 Coupe reaches 25MPH after I started the engine?

also, the tredweare number on my tires says 300. What does it mean? Is the number larger the better? Thanks.

- New Vette Owner

It's performing a function check. It's a combination of the ABS and the ASR checks. ;)

The larger the better to a POINT and then the tread compound becomes too hard and you loose traction.

The cop cars (and mine) run 240 for wear (Eagle GT+4 all weather high perf. tire needed for fast traction pull outs and high speed chases.

There are some (GAG) Yokahamas around 150 and they stick like glue but also wear out VERY fast.

On my 74 Vette they are rated 190 for wear (Vintage Eagle GT's they haven't made since at least 1983) and they are like new NOT pertified or cracked.
It must of been a compound they used back then.......

and the LT1 is 240...I have new Comp TA's on my 89 Vette and I will have to look at them tomorrow for the rating.

I would not myself go 300 so if you are replacing them stay between 240 and 300 I would say.

I hope all goes well for you.
Hi there,
What kind of clicks, are they heard inside the vehicle, and it is always on the same mph??
Detail will be key here, as there should not be an audible clicking noise heard, other than the standard fuel injector noises that are heard.
and if it is always 3 clicks, can you change the noise, at all??
Just curious, as I love a challenge, c4c5

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