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Climate control problem C5 2001


Jun 10, 2020
New Jersey
2001 C5 Magnetic Red II Metallic
This is a tough one. My 2001 C5 that I purchased almost 20 years ago has been sitting mostly idle for several years. It runs perfectly and I do drive it occasionally but health conditions related to my wife prevent me from using and enjoying it. It has 35,000 miles on it now and for the third time the blower motor for the HVAC had a mouse nest in it. I took the blower out and cleaned out the nest. I tested the motor and it works fine. I put everything back together. When I start the AC I can hear the compressor and the blower kick in but after a short while everything shuts down and I believe the blower motor stops but can't be sure due to background noise. I can set the fan speed control, temperature, auto feature, and more from the control panel but when I release the button the display simply shows an outside temp of 67 when its actually over 80 and I can not tell if the blower starts again. I let the car sit for a few minutes and the same thing repeats. It does not show what I would normally see on the display. Is there any hope this may just be something simple?

Some additional observations. Today I took another look. When the car starts all seems normal for a short time. There is never any air discharge from any inside duct even if the blower is running. If I turn on the front defroster I can hear the 'director' door operate but still no air flow. I took the car for a drive and the temperature displays in the high 60's even though it's 90 outside. I believe I can hear the blower working on low and I know the AC is working because the evaporator tubing is cold. Does anyone know how to access the main air control vacuum motor? Remember, there was a mouse nest in the blower. I believe there may be another blockage in the ducts or the vacuum line may be disconnected or damaged or worse. There could also be other damage and I really don't want to remove the dashboard unless I have to.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
Welcome to CAC! :w Hoping someone will be coming by here soon to give you some advice.
Do you have the '01 Factory Service Manual?
No, I do not. I did look at the DIC codes for the car though and it shows "99 HVAC No Codes". All the other codes were (H)istory. There are no active codes. I am considering resetting the HVAC unit by removing fuse 27 (I believe ) under the passenger side floorboard. One other strange thing started happening. When I start the car after a day or two the headlights pop up and stay up. I have to restart the car to get control back.

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