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Climate door "actuators"


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Apr 27, 2022
Ft. Myers, FL
1987 Coupe
1987 C4 coupe: FSM page 1B1-6, Figure 1B1-2. There are three "actuators" pictured. One with Tan & Red connection, one with pink & drk blue connection and one with orange connection. These actuators are the round, flying saucer looking items. 1. What are they called (so I know what to look for)? 2. Anyone happen to know a part number for those rascals? 3. I swear I saw four of those things in there. (Not at the car now) Are there really only three? 4. Are they all the same part #?

I’m going to replace them all cuz I’ll be dipped if I’m going to put it all back together and find out one of them is bad. I do NOT want to go through this again.
Any help/info you can provide would be a great help. Thank you.
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