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Cloth Tops



I've seen some cloth tops which seem real convienent. They say they are ok at highway speed.
Are they?
How is the fit/finsh?

Well, this is another myth about spare tops. We have this cloth top, too. It does not hold well hat highway speeds. Have had it try to blow off a few times. The front is held by velcro. Not really good when going 70 mph.

So I would not really recommend getting one.

From previous posts, you can see we have tried them all. The best tops are the t-tops that copme with the vette or a new pair that fit well.


We had a set of the cloth tops, for our 79. I must not have had it on right one night, it flew off at about 60 mph. Then it got run over by the car behind me. :( In my opinion it was a big waste of money. :W:
Again thanks so much for saving me some needed dollars. Confirms the old adage...if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.
You're more than welcome Pete. :) What are friends for?:W:

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