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clutch linkage removal?



putting headers on my 68` I need to remove the bar that rides between the engine and frame. don`t know what it is called. does anyone have any tips on the best way to do this?
I think you are refering to the Z-bar. It connects from the frame to the clutch housing. Should almost look like the letter Z. If so, it is easy to remove. Just remove nut at the frame along with several springs and it will release from the clutch housing. I cleaned mine all up and installed new plastic bushings and ball stud along with new grease. I also painted it. Believe it or not, restoring it fixed my tranny problem. When I shifted to reverse, the gears would grind something terrible. After rebuilding the Z-bar, the problem was gone. Kind of nice to fix such a problem by accident. There are plastic bushings inside the Z-bar that fail over time. You can still get them from GM for a few bucks. I also got the new ball stud from GM for about $8.00. If this is not the part you are refering to, sorry for the long response.



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