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Clutch will not disengage.


Active member
Apr 11, 2001
brooklyn n.y. usa
77 with a blown 540 in it.99 convertible all stock
Installed a new 383 into my 80. I installed a new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing. Matched Zoom set I got from Summit or Jegs, I don't remember which one. I started the motor and tried to put it into gear and it will not go. The clutch linkage is all together with the correct springs and parts that were on the car before I changed the clutch. Everything worked with the old clutch. The adjustment rod is almost maxed out. It seems like the rod is too short. I took it all apart and everything is in correctly. The clutch has the springs facing towards the pressure plate and the throw out bearing is installed correctly. This has the stock bellhousing and pivot ball. I was having trouble with the z bar hitting the Borgeon steering box I installed, I bent the z bar 1/4 inch to clear the box.
I have done a few clutch changes and have never had this kind of problem.

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