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Coil check...


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Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
The books (both the service manual and Hayne's) say to remove the distributor cap and check the coil using an ohm meter and by touching both the tach and battery prongs. The reading is supposed to be
"zero, or nearly zero"
I get a reading of 0.06
. Is this too high, and therefore indicating another bad coil for me? And if so, what could cause me to go through three coils in, let's see... four months! :confused

BroKen :eyerole
That is a very low reading, I would say it was good. Given the tolerance for error in the meter and the resistance in the wire it is low.
What was wrong with the other coils?
Basically they are a step up transformer, the primary circuit takes the 12 volts and steps it up in the secondary to 50,000 volts in some coils.
Ken--WOW--that's a bunch of coils. There is obviously something wrong going on. I have a couple of mechanics that I can recommend that maybe can chase this problem for you. Email me.
What is the spec for the coil?

Zero your ohm meter then measure.

Only way coil could be damaged would be if left on continuosly with engine not running for a long time. Battery would die first.:eek

The failure would be due to heat buildup.
Ya know, I ain't even screwed around with it in a week! :eek

My latest thinking is the hell with it, I'm gonna do it all at once! :D

One of the upgrades will include the ignition anyway, and I've seen the other threads regarding questions about aftermarket ignition systems, but let's throw it out here too, eh? ;)

What, IYHO's, is the best set-up for street use, with the capacity for some BONZAI runs as well? :gap

Any tips are appreciated!

_ken :w
Ground strap

Make sure that the ground strap was installed it goes to the coil where you screw it down and into the pulg if this is missing the coil will work but at less voltage because it is arcing inside and this will overheat the coil but it takes a little while i dont know what other symptoms are bit this will show up on a scope under firing voltage if you try yo max out the coil and it will only put out about half of voltage so will run rough and in clod may cause no start .
Thanks, but I think I'm going the upgrade route after all. ;)

_ken :w

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