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Color Swatches and Cam Shafts



OK, I have all the brackets and pulleys off the '73 at this point and plan to make a trip to the powdercoater early next week. I need some color opinions. The car is white with the dark blue interior. I would normally color match engine parts to the body, but white in an engine compartment is just not workable in my mind. Dark blue will end up looking black under the hood. Sooooo, what do ya'll think?

I plan to do the valve covers (got a set of ribbed originals for it) in black with polished rib tops. The water neck, EGR hold down, ignition shield supports and assorted intake and carb brackets in black. Where I am stumped is the pulleys. Black will be fairly unnoticable. The block and heads are Orange, so that would be too much on the pulleys. I thought about a bright blue, and then use the Aeroequip blue hoses as much as possible and match everything (over time) to the bright blue, black and cast alumimum color scheme.

Lastly, since I have essentially pulled everything off the front of the motor except the harmonic balancer, should I go ahead and drop in a new cam? Can I do this without pulling the radiator? Also, can I pull the radiator shroud without pulling the radiator?
They have a variety of silver/grey powder coating colors that look awesome. Go with a tint closer to grey so it has a fresh cast iron or machined aluminum look.

You can't go wrong with that.

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