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Z07 optioned car, that does not appear to have selective ride and handling?


Nov 21, 2018
New South Wales
1991 Yellow Coupe
I have a 91 model coupe that I have owned for about 1.5 years now, and which is my first corvette....
Whilst preparing to replace the brake rotors on the weekend, I found that the replacements I purchased were a different size to the ones on the car.... a bit of google research, and checking the RPO codes I found I have the J55 brake package with 13" rotors!
That led me to doing a little more research on the RPO codes on my car, and I have found that it has the FE7 suspension, FX3 selective ride handling, Z07 Adjustable performance handling package...
From what I understand, the FX3 selective ride handling has the control dial in the centre console - but my car does not.
My shocks also do not appear to have any electronic components, I can't see any disconnected wiring harness near the top of the shocks, and the only things I can see in with the ABS is the Pump/Servos & ABS ECU....
My car was imported into Australia in 1999 and converted to right hand drive, but it seems odd to me that something like the selective ride handling would be removed?
Everything else appears to align with the RPO's - except that my car is now yellow instead of white, and has the bronze clear roof rather than the Blue tint shown on the RPO codes.... and yes, the VIN on the RPO codes does match the VIN on the car.

As FX3 is on the RPO codes I assume the car had the electronic dampers at some stage and has been completely removed - but not sure why someone would do this? Dampers look like standard Bilstein Delco units.

As I understand it, the Z07 option included the FX3 selective ride (which I don't appear to have), The J55 brake upgrade (which I do have), and KC4 Oil Cooler (which I have). Information I have read says the Z07 option "combined the previous Z51 performance handling option with the FX3 selective ride", however my car has the FE7 High Performance suspension listed on the RPO codes - is that usual?
What does the FE7 suspension contain, and how do I tell if the it's still installed?
A big feature of the Z07 are the large diameter sway bars......does your car have the 30mm front sway bar and the 25mm rear? If so, then I would suspect that someone removed the FX3 completely. Why? I can’t say for sure....maybe the shocks went bad and they aren’t easy to find replacements, although I think Bilstein will still rebuild them. My guess would be that someone just didn’t want to mess with it, didn’t want to see the light on the dash all the time and removed it.

Congrats of the the acquisition of the Corvette and welcome to CAC:w.
A big feature of the Z07 are the large diameter sway bars......does your car have the 30mm front sway bar and the 25mm rear? .

Just checked, and yes 30mm front & 25mm rear.
So does this confirm the FE7 suspension? was FE7 suspension standard with the Z07 option?

Is it possible that the socks are the adjustable type, but without the actuator on them? (ie. if the electronics were removed for whatever reason, would the shocks necessarily have needed to be replaced as well?)
How would I identify the shocks?
The tops of the shocks have a shaft that has a small gear that can be seen sticking out of the top of the shock that the actuator interfaces with. Will absolutely be Bilsteins as no other brand made shocks for the system.
There were no manually adjustable shocks available on C4s

I'm going to guess that during the conversion to right hand drive, SRC was removed.

You've got the big bars. Now check the spring codes. It needs to be FHB in front and NYU in the rear. Also check for HD front lower control arms. They will have Z51 stamped into them.

Also, look for the SRC controller. Open the left side rear compartment. Remove the tray. Remove any sound deadener pad. You should see the controller, a modest size plastic "black box", to the right of the brake modulator valve.

I'm going to guess that during the conversion to right hand drive, SRC was removed.

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