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Continenetal DWS tire failures


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Nov 30, 2014
Livermore, California
1999 Pewter coupe
I put a set Continental DWS tires on my C-5 4 years or so ago. I've been really happy with them. At about 20,000 miles one of rears went flat immediately on the on ramp to the freeway. I didn't see anything I might have run over. Seeing as how had to keep driving on it, that tire was ruined. I hadn't given it much thought to look at it very closely and just bought another replacement. A few hundred miles or so later, bringing my C-5 to the dealership to have the front transverse spring and adjustment bolts replaced they kept having trouble on the alignment (pulling to the right). I mentioned the mileage difference between the rear tires. Upon removing the rear tires to switch sides with them they noticed a huge bulge on the inside of the older tire and some of cords were showing as though the casing was coming apart. Seeing as how I'm planning on buying a new set of wheels and I want all the tires to match I replaced all four.

I have to mention the height difference between the new and older tire was the new Continental was not as tall as the old one and visually it looks a little different on the shoulder. Which I find curious as the new DWS's are supposed to be a replacement tire. Anyways I'm wondering if anyone has heard of any issues with the earlier DWS's or any continental tire on a Corvette. Coincidentally while I was at the dealership another Corvette owner (a 2007) said he has Continentals on his vette and hasn't had any issues at all with his. I had given it some thought not go with continentals again and get Bridgestone Potenzas but the replacement tires were already in transit. I don't know, maybe this new style DWS cures the problem I had. I can't imagine there is too much horse power at the rear tires and it was tearing them apart. Anyways, any thoughts on this would be welcome.
Her Volvo S60 T5 (turbo intercooled) had Contis.. Other than run flats, they were the most absolutely nosiest tires I've ever experienced. Maybe Conti's other tires are better.
I've heard some good things about Contis. This is the first I've heard about these types of problems. Personally, I can't get past not having run-flats. I hope you have good luck with this set.

What kind of wheels are you doing?

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