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Cool.......lowering kit arrived today :)

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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Don't ya just love getting boxes in the mail with Corvette stuff in them:)

I should have a bunch of pics of the car up on a site later on today.......when I get the site up, I'll post it:D

Merry Christmas.

What came with the kit? Aren't they usually just a set of new u-bolts? Or are you changing out any bushings or going to coil overs to lower the car? I remember that Dick Gullstrand used to remove the springs and cut away the rubber blocks.

Keep us posted on how it works out (and how much work they are to install)? Good luck and I hope that it goes smoothly.

Brad, yeah...there's not to much to the kit. Longer spring bolts for the rear & wedges for the front. I am going to put new bushings in the rear also. The rear is no problem.....it's the front that I'm worried about. The stupid directions make it sound like it'll take about 45 min:eyerole They left out the part about an engineering degree required. That's alright.......I've got access to the proper tools (and friends). I'll let ya know what happens. About another week and a half & I'll be installing it.


I wonder if it's worth a call to Gullstrand (in Burbank, CA) to see how much of the rubber bushings they cut away? I do know one thing, you can take off too much and lower a car too much, to the point that it handles worse than stock. Use caution because it is better to be safe than sorry.

I can't wait to hear your feedback.

Thanks for the advise Brad. I will call over there before the install and get their advise. I don't want to lower it to much........just so it looks a little more aggressive.
Who Ya Gonna Call??


I'm glad to hear that you got your lowering kit, but why would you call Guldstrand with a question about another companies part's?

Unless you've purchased your parts from us, I suggest you call the company that supplied you with them.

Guldstrand receives many calls everyday, in regards to parts purchased from other companies. Most of the callers are directed back to the suppliers they've bought from.

If you're having a serious problem with your car, please call us for advice. We'll be happy to help. If the call is in regards to parts from another company, call the other company first.


Shayna Tillotson
Guldstrand Motorsports

My recommendation was not an attempt to take money out of your pockets. The goal is to find out if there is a better way to do what he wants with his ZR-1, before mistakes are made. In this process he might find enough gotchas to buy the Guldstrand kit. I don't know of many tuners out there who have lowered more Corvettes than Guldstrand.

I would hope that the other thing that a rep from Guldstrand would do is educate people as to alternatives like coil over suspensions. I do know that there are some definite gotchas with converting thie C4's and that Gullstrand can give definitive data on the pluses and minuses of both.

I hope that this clarifies the basis of my suggestion. By the way Shayna (as a representative of Guldstrand), I think that you missed a perfect opportunity to gain some credibility with these people, but instead you probably slipped back a few steps. Too many tuners are so focused on selling parts and accessories, that they forget about their building and maintaining reputations.;)


Ps: Shayna, sorry about the typo's on butchering Dick's last name.
Yes, but lets not forget one thing.....aftermarket tuners are in business for one thing...to make money just like every other business is. Unless you purchase a product from them, they, as well as any other company, are under no obligation to provide free technical support what-so-ever.

I have a small web development business on the side. It's amazing how many people I have call me wanting me to take a look at their web site and diagnose their problems for them.....and I don't even know them....and I didn't design their web site to start with. I don't have time to troubleshoot some other web development company's "trash" because in many instances, the coding is a mess and I have better things to do with my time. Am I turning away a potential client? Nope.....they have their product....it's just not working properly. Why didn't they go back to the original company that developed it? Because technical support cost money and since they were referred to me by a "friend" they feel it's ok to take up my time (away from working on someone else's web site who is paying me). So Am I turning away someone looking for a free ride/gift......more than likely -- YES. It's happened before. So.....now, unless you have me design a web site for you from the ground up, or you want to pay me a consultation fee to sit down and pick apart the site, you're on your own.

I don't mind giving advice out to friends or relatives, but after a while, I need to draw the line because if I don't, everyone and their monkey's uncle comes knocking on the door looking for a free hand out. I'm willing to bet every other American company established itself on the same principles.

If you have nothing else to do....go call Microsoft Corporation and ask them how to configure your Netscape web browser. Let me know what the response is. :D
Re: Who Ya Gonna Call??

Spirited79 said:
why would you call Guldstrand with a question about another companies part's?

if you're having serious problems with your car.......

This post is slowly going to hell in a handbasket:t This lowering kit was purchased off my good friend for $25 brand new. It originally came from LINGENFELTER. Just to clear things up a bit, I am not not having serious problems with my car......in fact, I'm pretty lucky. I have no problems with my car (knock on wood:)) This lowering Kit is the same exact kit that all the aftermarket companies are still selling. So I know that it still must work. If I did call Guldstrand with a question on how they lower their Corvettes, I would not bore them with conversation of how I got this great deal from..............
Guldstrand might suggest a better way to lower my car. If they do & the price is feasable, I will go with what they suggest. That's all. Not taking $$ out of anyones pockets or anything.....:)


I almost forgot.......Rob, I built this webite that isn't quite............just kiddin':D
Thank you for sharing and supporting our views on this matter.
I was trying to put it as delicately as possible. As for your example of Microsoft vs. Netscape, well done! I was going to use Baskin Robbins vs. Thrifty ice cream. :)

We are now going to take this to private e-mail and no further posts will be written.

Thanks again,

Shayna Tillotson
Guldstrand Motorsports
Since I was asked to lock this thread and both parties have decided to continue on privately (without me asking - thanks. ), I've decided to lock this thread.
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