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Coolant Temp Gauge not working.


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Oct 3, 2001
Dublin, CA, USA
1994 Black/Black Coupe
Hi all.

The coolant temperature gauge is not working on my 94 Coupe.:cry

If I look at the digital display, the ECM is detecting the temperature and it appears to be reasonable as the engine heats up.

Does anyone know how dificult it is to dis-assemble the panel and find out what is wrong. I have the shop manuals, but noticed the failure on the way in to work and don't have them handy.

I hate dash work. It always gets messy (tight quarters, wires going every which way.)

Thanks in advance for the knowledge to come.

Not sure what is entailed for the cluster , but to get the cluster out you will need to drop the hush panel, then the metal support then the steering column.. big job just to get the cluster out
I hate to be lazy, but if getting the cluster out is that big a deal and since I have the output from the ECM to fall back on, I think I'll wait until I have a more serious issue before diggin in....

How do you know

It's not the sender... what makes you think it's in the dash...The ECM & the gauge use different senders!

My money is on a bad sender. The computer gets the temp off the water pump housing, and the gauge comes off a head.

Senders go bad all the time.
I had the exact same problem. My digital display worked for the coolant temp, but the dial guage on the cluster read zero. The problem was the temp sender on the head.
Thank you all.

As I said, I have the manuals at home. Just assumed :hb they used a common sender, just reported in different displays. Should have realized a bit of redundancy is a good thing.

I will, of course, check the sender.

Thanks again.


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