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I am thinking of installing a Spal electric fan on my 70. Has anyone installed one, or have any war stories to share before I commit any cash to this adventure?
I am interested in seeing how it goes

I am thinking of doing the same thing. I will be interested to hear what happens. I dont think that it should be a problem. You can pick up a few horses by doing that. You probably already know that. I had a friend that did one to aMustang and it worked fine. The only trouble he had was that he tried to jury rig the wiring and it rattled loose. After he took the time to do it right everything went well. That was about three years ago.
Good luck.
Pablo :cool
I just looked into an aluminum radiator and dual spal fans, the cost for mine would have been around $840 from DeWitts Radiator. I'm debating now if I should get the fans and wait for the radiator or get it all, the other problem is cash...isn't it always a problem. Anyway, check out this web site for what you need, I talked for about an hour with Tom DeWitt and when I decide what I'm going to do I'll be buying from them. http://www.dewitts.com/

They are having a sale on the fans, and if you buy the combo they mount them free for you.

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