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Cooper Tires

Mr Dark

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Feb 26, 2002
Sauk Rapids, MN, USA
1985 White Coupe
I'm looking for tires for my '85 and I got a quote locally for some Cooper Cobra GTZ's. They're "W" rated and $141 each (245/50R16). I wanted to stick with an American made tire, which leaves only Goodyear (I'd need to remortgage the house!) and Cooper. Do any of you have any experience with Cooper? The car is driven only in the summer, so sinter traction is not a concern. Thanks for any advice you can give! :)
Mr. Dark ~

Have used Coopers on my other cars (mini-van, El Camino, Camaro) but not on my Vette. Had great success with these Coopers. The Z-rateds were around $195ea here in AZ.

I recently went with Z-rated Falkens ($160ea) and have had no complaints, and a nice smooth ride.

Good luck!

Check out the Dunlop SP Sport 8000's (owned by Goodyear). Tirerack has the 245/50ZR16 for $116.
I'm ordering new Dunlops tomorrow. 335/35ZR17 and 285/40ZR17. My Goodyear store is beating TireRacks price even before shipping, and that includes mounting and balancing.
I wasn't aware that Goodyear owned Dunlop, but it doesn't surprise me. I've been running Dunlops on my motorcycles for years and I've been happy with them. I'll have to ask the Goodyear dealer about them. I'll get some new tires yet! ;)
I like the z-rated BF Goodrich TA's myself. There is a big deal about the softness of the rubber. Appearently the Goodyear Eagles (oem tires) have a very soft rubber, which is great for performance, but does not last very long. The TA's have a harder rubber and last longer.

The fact that the TA's have a good price and last longer sold me on them. I have talked to several other Corvette owners and unless money is no big deal, the TA's are the best bargan.

If I had the money I would go with the eagles. Goodyears came stock (I believe) on all the Vetts, and they have good a performance.
Never save money on a set of tires, they save your live, so buy a good set of tires.


Michelin, Dunlop, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Falken, Pirelli, Bf-goodrigh

You driving Americans number 1 sportscar!

86 tpi zf-6 Modified L98 270hp & 317 lb.ft Rearwheelpower
I am running the Dunlop SP 5000 ( I drive it year-round). They work great. Thanks again Whitey! :Twist

I have run Goodyear (GS-C),Falcon (ZE-502), General (XP2000), and now the Dunlops. I would run all of them again, except for the Generals.

I have heard good things from Vette oweners about the Firestone SZ50, but I understand some people are not ready to put Firestones on their cars yet.

I have the 16" Firestone SZ50's on my 87. They have great wet grip and are quite, and round. They make a very smooth ride on good pavement.
They are really Bridgestone tires, they say right on the side "made in Japan"
Got them from Tire Rack.

Well, Im gonna go with the Cooper Cobra GTZ. They should be here by the end of the week and I'll have them installed on Saturday. I ordered the P255/50/R16 and they're about $161 each. As I drive them, I'll let you all know what my experience with them is. Thanks again to all for your input! ;)

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