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Corsa X pipe



Would it be worth it to take a Corsa X pipe off my 2000 coupe and put it on my 2002 Z06? Will I gain anything or lose? I also have Corsa Touring exhaust system but figuire the Z06 exhaust has to be better and will leave it on? Any answers?? Thanks for all any input.

Bill C

Ide say that it would help! An X pipe makes your engine think that it has a bigger exhaust system! The X pipe allows the pulses to balance out through both sides. You would need to monitor your fuel trim tabs with an analaizer to make sure your engine isnt leaning out and needs more fuel pressure. If they are normal,, then you are making more POWER!!

The average car is built to please a wide population of people, from the hot roder to your wife. So the car is built on a compromise. Add bigger louder exhaust and a better intake and filter and you go to the extremes on the noise scale (for some) to get more power. For some the extre noise may kill the sale. GM knows that us DIE HARD vette and Chevy guys will always find that extre HP that they quieltly left out.

I.E. My wife wont drive my 85 with a dyno max exhaust. The resonance just kills her ears! I like the extra few horses I got and the new noise! :)

An X pipe will probably give you better mid and upper rpm HP :) :) Even on a ZO6. With the X pipe in you will probably have a little bit different sound than stock.
I want one for my 98 BAD!! I will have one when I get the 85 fixed and back on the road!

Bill C

Bill C

P. S. The ZO6 exhaust is M U C H better and M U C H lighter than most other aftermarket. systems. I saw in Corvette Fever that there was one system that was a few pounds lighter. It was lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$. Remember when headers for a C5 were $1200

I will wait a while to see what works and what doesn't Alot of the new stuff that was HOT 1 year ago seemed to have floped real quick. The C4 go fast goodies are all proven now so they are easy to pick and choose from. X pipe seem to be stable! :)


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Feb 12, 2002
East Coast
You'll gain (a slight bit of) weight as the Corsa is steel and the z06 exhaust is titanium alloy (unless Corsa is building them in titanium now.) I know a few people who have done before and after dynos and none of them saw a performance increase or decrease. What the X-Pipe will do, however, is smooth out the sound and eliminate popping on deceleration. The pressures are already balanced from side to side as the stock exhaust has an H-Pipe.

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