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Mar 25, 2002
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2002 triple black coupe
Hi all,
Just recently purchased a 1998 coupe 16000 miles torch red .Thanks to this great side and people, I found some great stuff (like Zaino ) I am planning a road trip this summer some people advised me to put on a bra to protect my car , and other people told me that's a definite no-no since a bra will damage the clearcoat . Any advise??? or do I just have to decide what is worse ?
Bra or let it all hang loose?

I would think that for an extended road trip, a bra would be added insurance against road chips on the nose.

I read where another CACC member's vette wore one on a road trip. The bra was taken off regularly, aired and/or dried out and brushed off, and the nose washed/dried before it was re-installed.

I think this will wind up being a personal preference thing.
So using one permanently on the car wouldn't really be a good thing eh?
Ah to wear a bra or not to wear a bra...

I have a bra for Rare that gets used for extended road trips. Last year the cross country trip from California to Bowling Green was pretty much a WET trip. I had a bra on a 67 and an 80 and never had any problems.... Well Rare and company ran through several rain storms enroute to Bowling Green. I had heard that leaving a WET BRA on would discolor the paint, but others said oh with the new clear coats nothing to worry about???

I left the bra on until we got to Bowling Green. When I took the bra off Rare had "Cloudy Sections" there were two spots about 8" by 10" or so that had turned a milky grey color (Rare is Charcoal Gray Laq. paint original). I got most of it out with Klasse Red and Silver.

Now my buddy BlackDog has a beautiful BLACK 1980 with a fairly new paint job, clear coat.. and his didn't cloud or show any worse for wear. To me it is a pita to put on and take off, but keeps the bugs and road chipping to a minimum, so it is worth while.

The tighter the fit the better. The 67 I had got paint damage on the fenders because of a loose fit and the wind "Whipping" the fabric up and down around the head lights..

I'll be putting the bra back on for her trip this summer to Bowling Green, and with the little air dams on the bra it helps keep the bugs off the windshield too ;)

I just bought one of c5reations bra for mine . It's streaches. Kind of sheer , looks good on Mis Vetta. :L
It shouldn't be a problem so long as you keep the inside of the bra and the area it mounts to clean and don't leave it on when it's wet so that moisture can be trapped inside.

Never had any marks that couldn't be taken off with swirl remover.

I'd definitely recommend them for trips.
Thanks for the input folks. I will order one and use it when on a road trip it seems that i just have to keep a close look at it so it won't do any damage
I had my mini-nose bra on for over six months and when I took it off there was no discoloration of the paint, or any damage what so ever. It might just be because it was well made product (attached in the wheel wells via the torx screws that hold on the fender well, and not velcro) and the fit was very tight and didn't move around at all.
Speed Lingerie

After doing a lot of research and talking to a lot of people, I just ordered and received a "Speed Lingerie" bra for the Diva. I've had a couple of conversations with a fellow Grand Sport owner who highly recommended the Speed Lingerie. Besides being color coordinated with the GS blue and white, it's a fabulous fit, and he's never had a problem with it at all. He told me it's difficult to put on but well worth the effort and the cost.

I'll let you know how it goes!

GS Diva aka Elaine
I have a "Speed Lingerie" bra on my Z. Really saves on bugs and rocks and such. I had it on when I was headed to BG in about 7 hours of rain. When i got there off came the bra and right to the wash bay. I took the bra to the room washed it off blow dryed it and put it back on the next morning. Will I run around with it all the time? No. but for long trips yes. Im considering putting it on for my trip to Carlise. I don't want to take any chanses on my way up to the Evolution display.
GS Diva (or anyone else with a C3),

Do you have a bra on your C3? Speed Lingerie doesn't make one for the C3. I want to put one on my car for the drive out to BG this year for SharkFest. Does one bra for the C3 come more highly recommended than another? What about where to buy it from?
Darn.. I'm at work now.. When I get home tonight I'll look up the info on the one I have. I got via SSautoSports, "Steve give CAC members a discount".

I prefer the ones with the air damn on them, they do help deflect bugs and the head light cover attaches so you don't have to get out and roll up the covers for the head lights to pop up.

The Bra actually came from MidAmerica..

Here is the MidAmerica Item #602248 (Alt#18960) Description: 80-82 Embroidered Mask. The one I received was #602248 and I have a photo somewhere with it on Rare. I'll look tomorrow night for the photo ;) if you're interested?

Sure, I'll take a look if possible. I've seen them in the vette catalogs. I think they look terrible on an 80-82. I don't care much for bras on any car really... But, I think it's a necessity for road-trippin...
Couple of suggestions:
- Never leave it on after driving in rain. Could cause paint damage.
- On a long, high speed (interstate) drive, cut thin strips of saran wrap and stick these strips on painted surface along the edge of the bra. This will keep wind whipped bra edge scratching the paint.
Evolution1980 said:
Sure, I'll take a look if possible. I've seen them in the vette catalogs. I think they look terrible on an 80-82. I don't care much for bras on any car really... But, I think it's a necessity for road-trippin...

Evolution1980.. I plead OLD AGE.. I couldn't find one of Rare, but I found one of her older sister.. my ole buddy BlackDog's 1980 here ya go..


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