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I just got a catalog from the above. I am in the market for a weatherstrip kit and theirs is quite a bit cheaper than I have seen from other vendors. I am not familiar with the company. Anyone have any experience with them. Thanks
exspensive plastic

I have a 74 that just got painted so I have to buy the door weatherstripping myself, been checking out everyone I can online for the most bang for the buck (exspensive plastic), Since I'm replacing the doors might as well do the whole car, I see its better if you buy the package deal. If you find anyone cheaper than corvette world let me know. I havent ordered any parts from anyone yet, I've been doing everything local.

Wamp '74
My weather stripping kit just arrived from Dr. Rebuild. I had planned to install it last weekend but chased down a miss instead. The miss ended up being a loose spark plug. Is there any detailed on line or otherwise referrence on installing weather stripping? Given the cost of this stuff, I want to learn all I can prior to starting this project
Read some previous discussions and sounds like if the toughest job is to remove the old glue.
I replaced the soft top canvas and therefore also all the soft top weather seals. Toughest one was to install the aft bow seal. No way to do this in situe. The aft bow must be removed and the canvas and seal installed on the floor.
All other seals are pretty much straight forward.
Good luck. Gunther
Thanks for all the replies. A lot of good information.

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