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Cruise Control

Nov 4, 2000
Scottsville, Kentucky
08 Jetstream Blue Z51 coupe
Last summer I engaged the cruise control on the '81 a couple of times, and it worked fine. Yesterday I tried several times to get it to work with no luck.:( I see very little trouble shooting help in the Haynes manual. I've checked the vacuum lines and wiring. I did change the carb, re-adjusted the cruise cable. The wife did pump the brake pedal for an hour or so when I flushed out the old nasty brake fluid. Could something under the dash have given up? Any trouble shooting tips would be greatly appreciated. :confused
Hate to say this....May be time for a new unit?? :( Sometimes the diaphrams inside dont hold the ait anymore.

Uhh, did you check the fuse?

it happened to us, too

Sorry to say but we had the same problem with our 81.:( We ended up gettinig a new one istalled. Our manchenic said he thought that a wire in the handle going to the controls was bad but couldn't tell unless he took it apart. We settled for a new unit.;) Now we can cruise on cruise.:J

yellow 81
Hey Dale, one of the Corvette magazines had an article on this subject sometime in the past year, but I'll be DARNED if I can find it! :gap
Check the clutch and brake switches (they are always coming loose). Push them towards the pedals, then pull back on the pedal. The switches are a friction fit into the sleeves and when you pull back on the pedal it will adjust the switches. You can also check for power with a test light at the transducer, one wire should be dim, the other should flash momentarily when the set switch is pressed. Make these checks and if no success give me an email. I used to fix alot of these when I was a GM tech.
Fixed it!!!

Hey Tom, would a power plant guy NOT check a fuse:L :L
Thanks everyone for your input. I found a vacuum line to the regulator that I mistakenly connected to the intake manifold instead of the carb. Re-installed correctly and what do ya know....

Sorry Dale. I just couldn't resist it. :L :L

Same Problem

I am having the same problem and will try the things that you guys came up with.

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