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dew wipes and anti rattle pin


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Nov 22, 2008
Mystic CT
91 Dark Green Coupe
I am looking to replace dew wipes and tighhten the anti rattle pin best name of the part so if is different please excuse me. How in the world do you get there... Anti rattle pin had something in front of it to the point I gave up on the dew wipes... and put it all back together the door panel removale was simple... Car is a 91 base coupe..
If you took the door panel off, then you were right where you needed to be. There are two or three rivets that hold the dew wipe (outer window sweep) from moving. These must be drilled out first (very carefully as to not drill clear through the outside door skin, I put a stop on the 3/16 drill bit so I could only drill about 3/8"). Then once the rivets are out then the whole sweep is pulled up where it will come off. Getting the new ones on is a bit tricky as well. I finally used a a rubber mallet to "convince" the new piece to go in right.

The anti rattle block is accessable after the door panel is off as well. I'didn't mess with mine though.
Could you give a body work idiot.... me.. a blow by blow idea of what to do.. I had door panel off sort of with a mile of wire still connected. I could see the nuts for the anti rattle block quite clearly through the non functional outer dew wipe with a flash light. Do you do this with window up or down when you start. I thouight up to get it out of the way. It seemed like the rod for the key lock was between the only close opening in the door panel and the nuts was in the way. I tried a 1/2 inch socket and extension u-joint etc. to reach in with no luck after about 30 minutes and surrendered. Does all the window stuff need to come out? How do you separate the inner door panel from all the attached wires? I found a few plugs but not nearly enough to get if offf completely.. Any hints would be helpful.. Thanks for the tip on drilling the rivets a life saver there.. BTW way have to say Corvette people are the greatest I have never had so many waves and smiles since driving way too long ago.. best buy I ever made..
Dave, When I did mine, I left the wires attached as, like you there seemed to be more wires than connections. Roll the window down when you go to drill out, and replace the wipes. I would think, as I recall, the rattle block is accessable with the window up. Have you tried, or do you have a set of ratcheting end wrench (Gear Wrench)? I have found these to be invaluable in working on my Vette. I am not at home right now (and won't be until later tomorrow), but I'll look in my FSM to see what it says about adjusting the anti-rattle block.

If you don't have an FSM (Factory Service Manual) for you car, I'd consider buying a set, they are very helpful when working on these cars.

Here's a pretty good price on one
Done bought the manuals.. should have been the first thing I think..:)

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