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don't buy from that guy, $39.95 for Mira's is way out of line, you can pick up the same cars on Ebay for no more than $19.95. And I believe K-Bee toys sell those same ones for 19 bucks also. Be carful about who you buy from, does not seem to be any delas from the them. there selling the Motorbox 67's for 49 bucks and you can get them on ebay for around 45-44 dollars. Also Mira's are fairly low to medium quality, but not many make the 1954 series
I was thinking the same thing myself.. i went to park city utah sunday and they have a k-bee toy outlet there and i bought some models for great prices.. i will see if i bought any of these brands and let you know. i am always on the lookout for corvette die-cast models at bargain prices. oh... i bought a corvette garage package. it has a corvette and garage stuff you have to paint and put together.
usually K-Bee toys has a die cast month where you can get some good deals. not sure if it's once a year but they had it in march already. In reference to my post above the 54's are just repainted 53's from Mira. Still would like to know how they have a red 53

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