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differential side yokes on 80'


Jan 6, 2002
(Zoom Zoom)02 Z06 Red/mod (Red)80 Auto Red/Black
First off nice site :eek:)

I am tring to remove my side yokes on the differential to replace the seals, I have read ever post on this site that relates to differential and side yokes with no help. I have the rear cover off and removed the side yoke clips I was thinking that they would pull out once the clip was removed but no luck.. I beat on the yoke some but it sounds soild when I hand move the yoke back and forth.. 80' and later does not have the nut at the yoke, it looks like it might have a inner shaft, I took an air hammer to it and tried to drive it in, with no luck.

please help!!


80' red/black auto
96' LT4 black/black
Mike, Keep beating. The yokes ride on the pin in the middle of the differintial as they wear. What happens is they "mushroom" the ends of the yoke. You can try a file, just make sure you clean the differintial out or you can keep hitting it and eventually you will knock the burr off of it. Again, make sure you clean the differintial out real good. This is also a good time to replace the outer bearings that the yokes ride in, they are not real expensive...............I'm sure someone will have a "more Technical" way of doing this............Good luck.Steve
beat on the yoke in a outward motion? I removed the clip and the yoke would moves out by hand to where the inboard end of the yoke rod was flush with the outer diff gear.

I know what you are saying about the center pin.. seems odd that it would start into the outer gear then stop, if it was mushroomed would it not stop before entering the outer gear?

Thanks for the quick response before.

Uuummmmmmm. Yep, you're right, that does seem odd. Can you drive it back in? If so, look at the splines and see if you can determine anything from there. I have had trouble getting these out but, always just through the splines, once I cleared them, they feel out in my hand, or on my head........I dunno, maybe someone else will have an idea.........Steve
The yokes are mushroomed just as Steve said. Problem is they are worn out past the point of normal wear which is why they are getting stuck. You need new ones.
As for a "more technical" way, bigger hammer......

Now that you confirmed the way to pull them I will try again with a little more love.. both sides act the same way and stop flush or a little bit inside the gear, that is why I wondered if I was missing something, both of my manuals where no help, one just covered how to change the lube oil and the other covered pre 80 and said to take it in for 80's and older.

I bet they are mushroomed a little and maybe the outer most of the inside of the gears have a little more wear allowing the yokes to move by hand to that point.

thanks for the help


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