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Discount tire direct Vs Tire Rack


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Oct 22, 2005
Southern NH
96 CE LT4
Does anyone have any experience with Discount tire direct? I was just comparing prices with Tire Rack and the Prices are much better At Discount tire. $536 vs 735 at Tire Rack. For the same tire, is this deal too good to be true? The tires are BFG KDW
I've bought 4 tires for my vette at discount tire. last 2 were for the rear. stock 275/40zr-18 99y Goodyesr F1 EMT Run Flats $852.00 Mounted & Balanced out the door. No problems. They order them & 2 days later called me, set time up and done. NO scratches , no problems. This was at Indiapolas In. This was the best price I could find anywhere. Yes I would do it again. Tim
I have sold tires for over 25 years, and without going in to a long explanation of how our industry works, if you can find a name brand tire (such as BFG or Goodyear) for less money for the same tire (KDW) and you are not concerned about follow-up on warranties or proper installation, buy it. All BFG KDW's are made in the same plant. Large dealers such as Discount tire and Tire Rack will purchase in huge quantities to obtain better discounts. Both dealers are high-volume low margin distributors. I have BFG's on one of my Vettes, and Goodyear F1's on the other. I personally prefer the BFG's.
One thing I neglected to add-be sure the DOT (manufacture date) is fairly current, and you are not purchasing old or discontinued stock. The last 4 numbers in the DOT code are the week and year of manufacture-1806 would be the 18th week of 2006, 2105 would be the 21st week of 2005, etc.
I bought a set of tires for my wife's car from them. I couldn't find them any where near the same price locally. They were delivered to my house for $150 cheaper than I could get them local. Even paying the mounting and balancing I came out ahead by $100.
I bought some Goodyear D3's this summer from Discount Tire and UPS delivered right to my front door. The price was the same as Tire Rack, but Tire Rack was temporary out of the tire while Discount tire had them when I was buying. I would buy from them again.

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