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Door Check!


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
I am just finishing the restoration of my driver side door. What a mess. The passenger was so bad I had to toss it out and get a replacement.

Check your doors before it is too late! What for you may ask? Rust! Look at the lower front of each door below the lower hinge. Poke with a screwdriver and make sure that area is solid. Pull the weatherstrip back at each end and check behind. Finally, if you can, pull the outer sweep and stainless trim off. There is a large metal structure behind there. If you only have minor rust, now is the time to clean, chemical treat, and touch up. If you let it go too far you will need replacement doors. The problem is, unless you are in a super dry climate, it is getting harder and harder to find good clean replacement doors.

You may just pull the door panel and clean the whole inside area. I assume dirt, leaves, etc. gets in there and traps moisture in the hinge area.

I would hate for any of you to go through what I have been in the last week in a half.
Funny you should mention that. That was this weekend's project, door panels are fine but there is a lot of rattling going on.
Guess I should order some more POR-15. :)
Good idea. I t almost seems like they need a drain at both ends of the door. This will be an easy mod while I have them all apart.
Pleasant Surprise

Took the doors apart today and finially had a pleasant surprise on the restore. They were perfect, no rust, the mechanisms were still lightly greased. Changed the anti-rattle pads tightened up the bolts...perfect. I was almost, but not quite, dissapointed. :)
I never get that lucky!

As of about 8:00 p.m. yesterday, my doors are finally on the car. The replacement passenger door was nearly perfect, but had five layers of paint. I was able to save the driver door with minimal grinding and prep work. I hand worked both doors inside and out with a final coat of primer on both sides. Having a little trouble shimming the rear body for a perfect gap.

At some point they will come back off to get painted etc., then I have to reinstall the hardware.

I am off work this week, so I hope to get it to the race shop for the bars/and or finish building the front clip. I have to order some more parts on Monday.

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