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door hinge pins



The door hinge bushings on my drivers door were wasted causing a significant sag. Got a great kit from Zip.
Got the bottom pin out no problem but had to cut the top one in half in order to get it past the door skin.
I reinstalled the top one by inserting it from the bottom. There are little ridges at the top of the pin which lock it into the bushing so I don't think it will fall out. The door works great now and is aligned perfectly with the body. All the gaps are equal :0
Has anyone else done this repair without removing the hinges?
Any problem with the pin falling out?


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Related unrelated topic.

I was able to get my pins back in the normal way. However, I had the door off and the hinge bolted to the A pillar. (Is that considered cheating?)

Will they fall out? I hope not. There is only one way to find out now:bash

I came up with an idea. Now that my doors are on, gaps filled and sanded, and all shims in place, I don't want to mess any of the alignment up. My doors have to come back off to paint in the jambs. I decided to drill and install a couple of zip screws in the door to door hinge before unbolting it.

This way, when I put it back on I will rough align and bolt the main bolts, then when I put the zip screws back in the doors will be in the exact some position:J

I think this will work better than scribing lines around the hinge or putting tape around it.

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