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Drag wheels and tires for a C5



I am looking for a wheel and tire drag package for my 2001 C5. Considering 16 x 5 wheels for the front, and 16 x 10 for the rear with Mickey Thompson drag tires. Anybody have other ideas?
Many thanks in advance,

Gary, welcome to the CAC.......
I know M&H Racemaster makes a nice slick for the 16in. tire also. It comes in a 305/40/16. Very good grip........I know a few guys running them. What wheels are you thinking of going with? Centerlines??

Hi Jay,

I haven't decided on anything yet until I do some more research. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the Centerlines. I'll surely look into them.


I called the folks at Centerline but they didn't have any wheels in the sizes I need for the C5. I am going to try a company in FL called Complete Custom Wheel. I'll let everyone know what I find out. Thanks again Jay. Have a good weekend!

you'll be happy with CCW. John is a great guy and really knows his rims/tire sizes. I talked with him last week about a killer setup for my ZR-1.

Good luck!

16" wheels

if you put 16" wheels on the back, you will have to shave the a-arm and the brake caliper. I have some mickey thompson ET streets for sale for 250 (for both) that have only 3 times at the track on them. they are 26x11.5x16.

Jay, thanks for the post. I talked with John and I agree. Others have also praised him for his knowledge and experience.

Daren, my radar activated when I read your post. I have talked to two other guys who have the same pkg. that John sells and both of them said that they had no problems with his setup in terms of modifying the a-arm or shaving the calipers.

Did you have other mods to your car or was this a problem specific to the type of wheel you are using? Also, is this why you are selling your MT's? (Nice deal by the way!)

Many thanks from a returning drag novice!


I never have had the tires on the car, I had them on my 2000 silverado ext cab with N20 that ran low 13's. I dont want to cut anything on the car, thats why im selling them. Every shop i have talked to here in houston (including MTI) says that it has to be done to get them to fit. I am taking their word for it. I currently do not have any wheels for the ET streets for the vette. they are currently on a 16x8 6 lug (for the truck). There may be a very specific wheel that might work, but im not ready to spend a bunch of money on it right now...maybe later . Lemme know if you wanna buy them. You can email me at dpickering@houston.rr.com


I will be calling John @ CCW tomorrow morning. In addition, I am working with Todd @ West Coast Corvettes and will also ask him about this.

I'll post to this thread when I get more info. Thanks again for the feedback. It has inspired me to keep on researching this. I don't like paying for things twice! :Santa


i found this thread over at LS1.com

to say the least i need some traction. ive got a 99 vette running 539 rwhp and i run at the track on street tires. ive tried drag radials but those are a joke. ive never used the NOS so basically im putting 415 rwhp down at the track (ive got 125 shot N20). people have told me to "Shave the calipers?" adn some said that it was the "spindles?" what exactly do i need to do thanks
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posted November 15, 2001 09:00 PM
Hey man, here's what I did. I went to the junkyard and got 2 late model camaro wheels for $50.00. I have seen the wheels on some v6 camaros but don't know what they come on. They are 16x8 on 26-11.5-16 ET Streets. They are a pain to get the bead to seat but they eventually go. I put 1/8in. wheelspacer on and bolted them up. Left the car on rear jackstands and put the car in gear and let it scrub for 2 or 3 seconds. Took them back off to see where it rubbed. It hit the upper balljoint top on the upper a-frame. It is black and tapers off. Take a grinder to the top of the ball joint(you will end up taking off about 1/4 in.) Grind off a little then put it back on and see if it hits. This will make sure you don't take off more than you have to. After you do one side the other is a breeze b/c you know about how much to take off. Remember to use the wheel spacers, they make a big difference in the clearence and fit. Hope this helps, it worked for me and have had no problems with it. If I can help you any other way let me know. talk to ya later.
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posted December 09, 2001 01:23 PM
I have done the same thing, except that I do not use a spacer. The upper ball joint and a small amount of the knuckle must also be trimmed. I now have a contact that has a jig made to take these rims as well as the 84-87 Vette rims and mill the inner portion of the rim for additional clearance so you don' t have to grind near as much.
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Hope this helps


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