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Dreaded engine damage. Need your opinion's



Help! heres what I got. 350 chevy with a nasty miss. And a intermittent lifter tick. Tried a complete tune up/ checked valve lash, and the lifter will not quiet down no matter how tight I go. And the miss won't go lessen. The engine has roller rockers and hydraulic lifters. Oil pressure is at @35 psi. Any opinions (except dumb ones) are greatly appreciated, on this problem, before I go tearing this thing apart Thanks Darryl

Have you done a compression test?

Did you install hardened push rods with those roller rockers. If not, you may have a bent or damaged one. Did you get the correct length push rods? If the rocker does not roll in the center of the valve stem, you could have some problems.

Let us know.
Dreaded engine.....

Thanks for the input Chris and Keith. I havn't done a compression check yet, due to the pain in the butt headers make that job time consuming. The pushrods are supposed to be "hardened" but I will start pulling things apart in a few days. I'm not looking forward to doing this, but winter is coming to Buffalo here soon. I will keep you guy's posted on the "damage assessment" :( Thanks again Darryl
As Keith said, you need to check valve travel. However, I would also suspect either a 'sticky' valve or a collasped lifter.

Sounds like a bad lobe to me also. Pull the valve covers and turn it over watching the rockers. Can you see the one that's ticking through the oil fill hole?


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