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Drip, drip, drip is soaking me!



Here in GA we had a HUGE rain storm. I mean a deluge! Gollywhoppers! The cow and the flat rock...
The 78 has new weatherstripping all around, but she still leaks. Water finds its way thru between the t-top gasket and the back edge of the window to drip on my seatbelt. I don't know about the passenger side as I never sit there. :D (I haven't seen anything on that side)
Anyhow, I did some running around town in the rain (don't look at me that way, say it with me...d-a-i-l-y d-r-i-v-e-r) and when I returned, I parked it end-first in the RV park "driveway", which is sloped to the street. I went back out for something after .5hr, and the leak had run to the front part of the window and left at LEAST 1.5 cups of water puddled on my seat cover!
I'm telling you, it was RAINING!
I took off the cover to hang and dry, got a pot from the RV and laid a chamois on the seat for good measure. Well, I missed covering the floorboard. :-( It is SOAKED!
I have also noticed a 'syrup' smell...which I know is antifreeze. I don't see any under the car, I only smell it after the car has reached running temp and the pass side floor is dry.
Could this not be a heater core problem and just an under-hood hose problem?
Can my car have a leak behind the dash or firewall to reach the floor?
Is there any way to keep my car from leaking at the window and gasket area? (I use a wthrstrp conditioner)

ps...I'd like to cover it to keep the rain out, but unless the car is pristine clean, which as a daily driver it usually isn't, I feel that covers+any dirt or abrasive+wind or breeze is a recipe for paint finish trouble. No indoor storage until the house closes.


It sounds like your T-Tops need new gasgets, and maybe a little tweek on the adjustments. You'll need to order the gasget kits, I suggest sending SS Auto Parts (Steve) one of CAC Sponsering Vendors an email or visit SS Auto. I've never replaced the rubber on any T-Tops on any of the Corvettes I've owned, so I am not much help there.

Yes..... you could have water leaking into the passager area from the firewall or even floorboard. There are rubber plugs in the battery compartment that sometimes "Bubba" removes for one reason or another. "Bubba" has also been know to remove grommets and pluggs from the fire wall too. Also check your windshield wiper trough for holes or "Bubba" modifications too.

Check all around your heater core for leaks, by feeling all the connections and anything else around that area and smell for antifreeze, same inside the engine compartment around all the hoses too.

I use the Name "Bubba" with great affection, Years ago my little niece (now 30+ something) used to call me "Uncle Bubba" ;) good luck Silver, if you want a quick fix use some RV foam tape on the contact surface of the windshield ("Bubba Special" of the week) and a Flat rock eh... LOL
? carpet wet too ?

Silver: Just a thought, but it seems your carpet also got wet during deluge...is this so? And has your pride and joy EVER wet the existing carpets/backing with antifreeze? If the answer to both is yes, then the "new" rainwater could have reactivated any dried, residual antifreeze. This scenario is routine for my '79 datsun "fishing car" that has a chronic rainwater leak and previously had heatercore-dampened carpet...but I don't worry about fixin' a $100 beater. If your syrup smell is antifreeze, I hope it is just residual. Also, I've had trouble w/ t-tops leaking on my '71...part of the problem is the chrome trim that w/s contacts is unduly flattened...guess I need some of BudD's Bubba Foam. Good luck & let us know how it works out.
JacK, 1971 cpe
Wet 'Vette

Hello Jack & Bubba,
Yes, my carpet is wet, on the driver side only.
The 78 hasn't had a heater core leak in the 11 year history she's been with us...but no telling about her past. Purchased on a used car lot.
The driver side carpet looks awful, and has for as long as I can remember. It is supposed to be oyster...but it is nearly black. My thought, that is the same side as the ps, and with such an awful leak for so many years, some of the ps fluid must have found its way inside. We will check for missing plugs in that area. I also think it leaked under the dash area, because I would sometimes feel a drip on my leg or shoe while driving after a wash.
We will fine-tooth-comb it this weekend. Thank you for the suggestions of what to look for.

btw...I used to have a problem with the t-tops leaking at the front windshield area while driving into rain/wind. It would run under the moulding at the header and drip out the sides onto seats/laps when I turned. Re-set the ws, still did not fix. I used duct tape across the top of the ws and chrome trim, and learned that THAT is where the water was coming in at. (grey car, grey tape...at least it blended!) Had ws replaced when painted, but it will still leak under right conditions. May have to tighten the t-tops locks, or I'm just gonna shoot urethane into that area of the header at the chrome junction areas! Sil

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