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Drive shaft yoke

Nov 4, 2000
Scottsville, Kentucky
08 Jetstream Blue Z51 coupe
My '81 appears to have a loose, somewhat wobbly fit between the front drive shaft yoke and the transmission spline shaft. I have a TH350 transmission. Has anyone seen this before? What needs to be done, replace the yoke or is the culprit the tail shaft bushing? :confused
Dale, Is it leaking? There is a little play in the tail shaft area. If you can really make it move you may need a new yoke, but, it could have worn the tail shaft also. If this is the case, replaceing only the yoke will only be a bandaid fix, and you may have the same trouble down the road. I'm sure that is not what you wanted to hear. If the wobble ain't too bad, I wouldn't worry about it.............Steve
bad yoke..There was a priest, a minister.....


You could drop the drive shaft and check the yoke for wear in the splines and the outer surface. Might have to remove the rear seal to see into the tailhousing to see the bushing. I have seen bushings worn through into the tail housing aluminum. I would change the bushing if you have any visible wear. Same for the yoke. If neither have wear still put in a new seal while you're there.

Go with the tailhouse bushing.. My guess is that when you pull it out it will be shot.. (it will be if you pull it out anyway :D ) It is a quick job and I think you will find it to be your problem.. Remember old BLUE sits about 6 to 7 months with all the bushings and bearings sitting on the same spot... I could be out in right field but ....... they have left handed batters too :J


ps.. if you had yoke problems you would have felt it by now or heard it... JMHO

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