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#1 whats the best cluth assem. 1970 400hp 4spd fresh rebuild. #2 end play inboard at diff. half shafts. this is a 150,000 diff.
This is a difficult question to answer, because "best" could mean many things. For example:

Best race clutch
Best streetability
Best match to the original

This I will tell you. Unless you are racing the car, stay away from high performance clutch assemblies. For the street they don't last as long, they are harder to drive, and will wear your leg out faster.

Most autoparts stores carry a variety of brands that they sell as an assembly.

As far as the end play goes, I don't know that right off hand.

thanks for the reply. My 70d is street driven with gusto. Road trips mainly. I have been lookin at the Centerforce 2 as a possible choice. Thanks Tomas
Drive Train

I drive my '81 with "gusto." The clutch I'm using is a CenterForce clutch. It is pretty light on the left leg compaired to a competition 3 finger unit. The counter weights do increase clamping pressure. It is hard to "slip" it off the line. "Not that you would want too." And I never had the clutch go "over center" at high RPM's (6000 rpm.) As endplay is concerned, I'm not sure about that myself. Sarge aka Darryl
330hp/380lbs ft.-350 cu.in.
Richmond T10 :cool

thanks for reply. your running about the same numbers I am. I,m reduing mine, have suspension , seats, wheels and engine done. There are boxs of parts out in my garage ready for install, but it,s not quite warm enough up hear yet. Maybe in a couple more weeks. later.

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