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duals and Flowmasters on 81



Hi all;

Took the plunge today and ordered the dual exhaust from Mid America and a set of Flowmaster 50 Delta's from Racers Wholesale for my 81.

Two questions:

1) When I have the dual pipes put on do I need to connect the fitting that now runs into the cat into the new pipes or plug it up? Advantages/disadvantages of either? I'm in a non environmental check state.

2) Anyone had any experience with this model of Flowmaster? If so, good or bad? I bought these instead of the 40's because of their supposed lower interior resonance.

Dave L.

I stated in another post the other day on this subject.I installed the exact setup you have on my 81 last year.I took that long pipe off and just plugged the hose that went to the check valve on the pipe.I also took the belt off the air pump.It will not cause any problem what so ever with the computer.I love those flowmasters.Everyone likes the sound of my car.You also should notice Quite a power gain with this system.If you have any other question feel free to e-mail me.


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed
It shouldn`t matter, when I threw away the cat on my Camaro I left the hose open and just tucked it up out of the way and I never had any problems.

On my Vette I dumped the air pump as well, if you are not using it there is no point in lugging around the extra weight. Unfortunately after 3-1/2 years my true duals have just rusted out and I couldn`t get them over here again and they were to bulky to have shipped over which is a pity because they were a nice fit, still it was a good excuse to get some sidepipes.



Those Flowmasters will make your car sooooo sexy that it is hard to ever get out of it until you just have to.

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