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Dyno day


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Oct 5, 2001
Battle Ground, WA
Headed out with a bunch of the BMW guys and got to do the dyno run to see what kind of power aa 12.66 car puts down. Peak power at 5,700 with 339.0 HP and peak torque at 4,750 with 334.8 Lbs.

They had a old 318, put down 80hp, and took forever to get it.
Approx 413 at the flywheel but the peak is a little low. Most 90-92s I've dyno'ed make peak power about 6000.

What mods are done?
Will have headers and a screamin Demon set of coils for the next dyno run.

Hopefully January 12th

Merry Xmas folks
Nothing but a K&N and Borla exhaust.

Which Borla exhaust?
What was the correction factor used on the dyno data. Also, what kind of dyno was the car run on?

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