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I have a 1999 coupe and It dyno'd @ 286hp -291 T I have a black wing and exhaust mods. Going to put MAF on soon. My fuel/air ratio fell off bad @ 5000rpm. Ordered a new set of wires. Any suggestions.
Sorry I can't help you too much with suggestions, I'm interested in how much it cost you to have a dyno.
dyno cost

We got a special deal at half off at the corvette club --40.00$

That seems fair to find out what is really going on with your engine/setup.

les said:
I have a 1999 coupe and It dyno'd @ 286hp -291 T

That's about exactly what the 96 LT4's dyno at in stock form!

We are talking at the rear wheel. I've learned on this forum that the auto trans and independant rear axle give up a lot of horses.A friend of mine has a '92 & he got 198 & 271T. Major Torque!!
Try try again

I'm going back to the dyno on the 23rd of feb. Have added a 1000cfm MAF , much better spark plug wires, throttle coolant bypass .... Well you can tell I'm on a wife budget here. I'm hoping for 300hp. :s
Can you say MAF Translator

Only gained 3 poneys. 298t Ran rich again. Fed- ex now!
1000CFM MAF? big one........is the screen gone? I descreened my MAF. Those screens suck for air flow. With just the flomasters and the screen gone, my LT4 got 306 hp to the wheels. Is your LS1 an automatic?

Yes it is a automatic. I pulled the screen too. I think I can reach your Lt4 numbers has,if I can get this MAF translator dialed in. I run to rich at wot.

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