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eagle help! You have any other options??



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I have still a error ESC! But it happens moer when a have a cold or almost cold engine. When my car is hot and I had a error 43, I turn of the engine and run it again. Then the code stays 99 time of 100 away.
I also have the EGR code.

I think it strange, I checked the conections. Maby the little black box (name??) on the veryrightside under the hood has a fallure?


When I got those codes, I started replacing every sensor I could find, only to have the same codes appear again. I cannot stress enough that you need to clean every contact , connector and make sure all of the grounds are clean and tight. From the negative side of the battery there is the big cable and a smaller one. Make sure the smaller one is connected at both ends, mine was corroded where it connects to the battery clamp, and when I moved it , it practically fell off. Ordinarily you would not see it till you actually pulled on it. I then checked the other end where it was bolted to the frame along with a braided wire that went to the engine. Not only was the connection very dirty and loose, but the braided wire was broken. I replaced the braided wire and sanded the place on the frame where it attached . I then spray the area painted after it was all back together. And just for the heck of it I ran a new braided wire from one of the bolts holding the alternator in place back to the frame as well.
You would be amazed just how much better the car ran as well as how much brighter the lights became and the voltage level of the alternator came back to normal. And most of the codes disappeared after I took care of the ground problems....hope this helps...take care....

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