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Early LT1 to late LT1 timing chain

Gene D

Jul 12, 2016
Mechanicsburg PA
1993 LT1 Black coupe
Hello everyone. New corvette owner here. I got a 1993 LT1 at a great price. The PO did not keep up with mechanical things on the car... so I got it for a good price. Love the vette, Should have got one sooner, but the youngest kid just went away to college, So It was the time to get one.
With your help from this forum, I have replaced the brake booster, the master cylinder, one caliper (front) . I repaired a headlight with the delrin discs.
I was able to fix the high/low beam switch. I repaired the cruise control. I put a new rear bearing in, and I was able to chase some vacuum hose problems.
I cannot thank you enough...

I want to tear into the front seals of this LT1. This opti spark and cam driven water pump is new to me. I have the FSM.
I got a timing chain cover kit, It has the seals for the opti and the WP, plus WP gaskets.
I am gonna check timing chain backlash while I am in there. I was looking at timing chain kits.
Some parts suppliers sell early LT1 kits with 2 gears and a chain only. And they sell a late LT1 kit with 3 gears and a chain.
According to them , I have an early LT1 and my kit would only have 2 gears, But I have the Opti and the cam WP?
I sure see this as 3 gears and a chain. Can you explain this to me? Do I need a 3 gear set?

I also want to replace the spark plug wires. I want a good set that are black, but I want to cut and size my own.
I can't find a wire set that is like that that has the proper straight boots for the opti. Can anyone steer me to a set.

I live in Carlisle PA. I will be at the vette show in 2 1/2 weeks.
I am also looking for rear coupe window seal. Probably look at show for that.

Sorry to ask for more help...after all you have done.

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