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Easy way to change plugs


72 Bluz

Went to change plugs last night and there were 3 or 4 that I couldn't get to because of clearance. Xena has Headman headers. Can I get to those from underneath or will the headers need to be loosened?

72 Bluz
I'm curious. I have read many a times when people have stated they can't reach some plugs. I too have headers and have no problems reaching my plugs. Which plugs are you having a problem with? Granted I sometimes have to use my sockets with all types of extensions and flexible joints.



Some time ago I bought a couple of spark plug sockets that have an external hex on the end as well as the square drive so you can get a short spanner on the socket. It never fails, you can get enough initial purchase to loosen them and then unscrew by hand. You also might find it easier if you work on the difficult plugs from underneath the car.

my 2 cents

You may want to look into the Accel Header spark plugs. They are designed to work in low clearance areas.
I have the hooker super comp sidepipe headers and I have to do something different for every plug even though I have the "header plugs". Numbers 5 & 7 are the most difficult. These I have to get at from underneath. Only 2 are accesable by using the standard method, the others I have to use a box wrench or a combination spark plug socket and open end wrench.
All this and I have straight plug heads. I can't imagine what the job is like with angle plug heads.

By far the easiest way to change them is to drop it off at 8 AM and pick it up at 3pm. On my wife's '81 you have to go underneith for some of them.

Got 1, 3, 5 & 7 changed last night between Mr Miller & Mr Bush. Tonight, it's 2, 4, 6 & 8. 2 & 4 are under the A/C compressor and will be more difficult, but we will not fail.

Thanks, guys.
72 Bluz :w
Pull the Wheel

I forget what year but I understand it is SOP to jack it up and take off the two front wheels in order to remove some spark plugs.

(I like 59Tom's solution better)

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