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ecm question


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
while looking through a friends sept. 2001 corvette fever magazine I ran into a article about hopping up cross-fire injection, one of the things they did was use a 1990 chevy camaro 305 tbi computer in place of the stock 82's computer with a little wiring work, has anyone here done this and what advantages or disadvantages are there I have a 89 camaro RS with this motor and it has a MAT (manifold absolute temperature sensor) I would think it would be a pain to wire this up considering 82's never had this aside from this one sensor my 82 seems to have all the other sensors also wouldnt there be a problem seeing as how the 86 up GM cars had VATS (vehicle anti theft) wired to the ecm, or is this a simple thing to bypass, right now my vette just started having a very strange problem it goes in and out of closed loop mode, which means right now its dumping excessive fuel into the motor and also means it wont pass the republics smog test, however there are no trouble codes and Im thinking the computer is on its last leg or could the prom chip be the culprit(wonder if BILL GATES helped design them haha)

I'm interested in what you come up with. My mileage is extremely poor on the 82 (around 14-15mpg) I just started looking into the fuel delivery system but maybe it's an ECM or chip issue? I think Hypertech sells an 82 perfprmance chip. Anyone used one? I'm very happy with the chip upgrade in the 85. I'm gonna dig into the 82 next week. Car runs fine with no codes. Well there goes another week-end:(
I don't know about using a later ecm but it sounds like a lot of work and get a wire wrong and goodbye ecm.Mine started dumping fuel also and would foul the plug right away wasn't showing any codes either,so borrowed a scan tool and the tps read 5.6 volts instead of .5 volts closed, so injectors were pumping out gas like the motor was running wide open even though it was running at idle,replaced ecm and it cleared up that problem. now I'm working on the knock sensor,unplug it and the motor jumps up about 300 rpm.I miss my pre 1970's cars.

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