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Edelbrock Carb Issues


Nov 20, 2010
New York
1975 Convertable
Hi All,
I have a 1975 350 4spd. I purchased and installed an Edelbrock 1406 600 cfm carb. When the car idles everything is fine including revving the engine. However when I put the car in gear and go down the street the engine sputters like it's going to stall. I need to take the car out of gear and pump the pedal to keep it going. Sometime this will not work and the car stalls. When it does stall out I pump the pedal once and start the car up.
I changed the rotor, distributor cap. coil, spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, set the timing to 6BTDC. Adjusted the electric choke flap when the engine was cold to a the thickness of 3 credit cards.
Today I installed a fuel pressure gauge and at idle the needle bounces from 4 to 8 sometimes 9. I checked down the barrels of the carb and don't see any fuel dripping down. The only fuel I see is when idle and I rev the car up.

I can't figure this out. Why is it stalling when in gear? Can anyone please help?
Is the choke opening all the way when it's warmed up?
Is the idle set to 600 rpm in drive when warmed up?


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