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Elctrical problems solved



Ok guys after not receiving any answer on my previous post about the common electrical problems harassing our c3's, I decided to inspect the problem deeper. For the guys having problem with headlights not working, dashlights,power windows,locks, etc, etc..., before buying a lightswitch check your wiring harness first!!!

At the firewall driverside you have the big connector that fits into the connector in the cockpit driverside. Disconnect those and clean them with a brake cleaner and let it dry. Mine were not dirty, but it was covered by some kind of sealand that they used at the factory. This sealand got into the copperconectors and covered the electrical circuit.
I think a logical explenation for this, is the engine heator headers melting the sealand year by year so it could get it's way to the copper connectors.

It's an easy fix and took me an hour or less to do. Now I have a spare lightswitch and two spare of new door lockmotor.

I just wanted to share his info to help the ones getting nightmares
with their electrical problems.



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Jan 24, 2004
New Jersey
1973 Silver coupe, 1977 L48
That "sealant" is dielectic grease it is suppose to be there for anti corrosion of the terminals

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