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Electric Fan Questions


Roy M

Have a few questions about electric fans. Earlier
in the year, I purchased an 18" Perma-Cool electric fan. After the purchase, I discovered that Perma-Cool does not recommend this fan for my application. After looking on their website and talking to a service tech, this is what they recommend, small V-8's need at least 3000 cfm and large V-8"s need 4500+ cfm. The 18" I purchased can only produce 2500 cfm. The tech said I was basically out of luck and should look elsewhere for a different type set-up.
Looked on the Flex-a-Lite website, their 10 inch dual fans only produce 1800 cfm. On Spal's website, their 11" dual fans only produce 2780 cfm.
I have solved my cooling problems [I think} by going with a State II Stewart water pump. But I still like the idea of electric fans, a little more power and they clean up the engine area so much.
Any experiences or advise is greatly appreciated.
I have dual Flex-a-lites on my car. They seem to work OK for me. I've seen Corvettes with a lot smaller fan that the owners say works fine.
I wish that I had found out about Spal fans before I bought mine since I don't think that I have much, if any, reserve capicity for when the A/C is on.
Big Block From Hell

Welcome Roy to the forum. I think that almost everyone knows that Hib Halverson converted his '71 to late model Corvette dual fans. I'm looking to do my own, but Hib's site only has text to describe the conversion, the last time I checked. Does anyone have any pics from the Vette issues that have the BBFH or an address where we can backorder from? --Bullitt
Currently, the BBfH series archived on the Idaho Corvette Page, generally, does not include the imgages that were in the magazine articles.

Originally, those articles were posted on the site at a time when it was not feasible to reprint all the negatives and scan the prints into image files.

Recently, my company has invested in a film scanner which will enable us to transfer the images directly from black-and-white negatives to digital.

In the next six months or so, I'll be working with Frank Smith, the webmaster at the Idaho Corvette Page, to update all 16 parts of the BBfH series at www.idavette.net with the images.

Also, in other BBfH news, if you haven't heard yet, Vette Magazine has cancelled the project after ten years and 16 parts. If you want to see Vette Magazine reverse its decision, the best bet is to write either Bob Wallace, the Editor, or Terry Cole the Editorial Director at Primedia, 774 S. Placentia Av., Placentia CA 92870-6846.
Do you have the figures of the cost of the items you listed that you purchased from GM for the fans and their components. Would like to be able to compare to say the dual Spal fan set-up. Seems like the Spals are the most popular among the people who have installed the electrics. If cost compariable would prefer to go with the GM parts.
That decision by Wallace, really blows chunks. I've emailed them before about BBfH, but never got a response. I'll try writing though, even if they just toss it. Damn, I think Primedia is out to really p*ss me off!--Bullitt
There was an extensive post awhile back on this. Maybe one of the veterans can direct you there.
I have the dual SPAL setup,high volume pulleys, aluminum radiator and pump. I still don't have the A/C installed but it never gets above 180 degrees.
Don't buy the BeCool brackets. They don't work on the vette because of the angle of the radiator. The ones that come with the fans, attached to the OEM radiator brackets, work great.
Don't forget the cushions between the fan frame and the radiator.
Roy M said:
Do you have the figures of the cost of the items you listed that you purchased from GM for the fans and their components. Would like to be able to compare to say the dual Spal fan set-up. Seems like the Spals are the most popular among the people who have installed the electrics. If cost compariable would prefer to go with the GM parts.

I don't have the numbers and, if I did, they'd probably be inaccurate, anyway, as I installed that stuff years ago and prices have gone up.

If you go to a Chevy parts dept. and price the electric fan assemblies and fan shroud from a 90-96 C4, that will probably give you an idea of the cost. Those are the parts I used. I might add that set-up works very well. It really moves air and it's got OE reliability/durability. I've had zero problems with the system since it was installed and the car cools way better in traffic than it did with the engine-driven fan.
cooling fan


82 vettes had a electric fan integrated into their fan shrouds you may be able to adapt this to your vette Im not sure
Another reason to switch to electric fans is torque and horsepower. I had my vette on the dyno in April and we did a pull without the fan and fan clutch. I picked up 13 hp and 18 ft-lbs of torque. You normally have to spend a lot of time and money for that kind of gain. I think I will also pick up a little better mpg with less rotating mass in the engine. I hope to switch to electic fans soon.


The guy i bought my 1970 BB from, took Hibs advice and installed a 90's LT1 Twin Radiator Fan Assembly . IT is a perfect fit against the radiator and looks very custom and professional. The fans move a tremendous amount of air . I have them set to come on at 200 and off at 185 F. thru a mechanical Temperature Controller with sensing bulb in the passenger Head. I never have overheated with the fans and they are even oilable . The guy who installed them , used some nice looking sturdy brackets to hold the assembly in place . The assembly sits about a 1/8" from the radiator and is solid. I would highly recommend this Fan Assembly especially if you are over the stock H.P. and Torque for your engine.

I have been looking into this conversion. I spoke with my local GM parts guy who is telling me that mid 90s Camaros and TransAms use the same electic fan assembly as the vette. With that being said, I found a local junk yard that will sell me the complete assembly with all the accessories for $50.00. Can anyone confirm that the Camaro and TA use the same set up as the vette? If so, this is a deal!! I hope to stop by the junk yard tomorrow to look at the set up. I think he said it's on a 96 TA.


Yes, the set-up is the same. While there may be differences in the fan shroud or other things, the Corvettes and F-body use the same part numbers. Check to see if the fans work properly. I have a manual for third generation Firefirds that shows how to do it, but I don't know if the procedure is the same on the fourth generation. Good find, dude! Especially since the fan and motors retail for about $100 each. Remember to get all the wiring and relays, just to be safe. --Bullitt

I purchased the fans. Was not able to get the relay because the front end of the car was so mangled. The fans and shroud look to be in good shape but have not actually tested the fan motors yet. The wiring harness was still intact as well. Now I just need to get a few parts from my GM dealer and make some brackets and I'm set. I will let everyone know how this turns out.



I don't have many pics on my computer, but I think I have one I can send. I know of one other 80s vette that has been converted to a ragtop. I love the look of the 80s style as a convertible. As soon as I can, I 'll send you a pic.


How much did it cost you guys to get the tops chopped?
My vette was already a vert when I purchased it. Actually, my car is titled as a 73 vert. Someone with way to much $$$ had the 73 converted to a 80 body style. In other words, other than the birdcage frame and rear-end, my car is all 1980 components from a donor car. My wife calls it Frankenvette because it has so many other year vette parts.



I paid 700.00 for my 74 corvette rear clip, 500.00 for the hard top & 150.00 for the door glass to convert mine, I did all the work myself so cant tell you how much a shop would charge to do it

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