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Electric Fan Questions




That's sounds great. I'm thinking about doing mine.

Why did you have to purchase new door glass?

Does the rear clip cover everything up to the seats, or did you have to fabricate any of fiberglass yourself?

Did you have to re-enforce anywhere due to the loss in the coupes roll bar and rear window?

Do you have any pictures of the conversion, or your car as it is now?


I took the part numbers to a local Chevy parts guy I know and here is how the cost break down.

(2) Part#22074984 Bracket Kit, electric fan ($29 ea)
(2) Part#22137319* Motor Kit with Tracket ($36 ea)
(2) Part#22098785* Fan Kit, electric cooling ($35 ea)
(2) Part#22082538 Nut (not found)
(1) Part#10157958* Shroud ($51)
(8) Part#11505023 Screw ($1 ea)
(8) Part#11514290 Nut ($2.50 ea)

Thats a total of $279, by my calculation. Some of the original part numbers have changed and I listed them here (they have an * by them). I didnt look at all of this, he would have to order it for me. I thought I would take a pass at a local junk yard first. I figure I could score one for way less than the new price.

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