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Electric Fans?



My stock fan is starting to slip so when I do some performance upgrades (cam, heads, carb, etc) this Spring I'd like to install an electric fan and get rid of the clutch fan setup.

My nephew works in a "recycling yard" and says if I tell him what I can use, he'll keep an eye out for the assembly.

My car has a working A/C and a condensor in front of the radiator. Currently has a 17" fan with an 18" shroud. Not much room around the current shroud to expand with a different size shroud.....

Question: Has anyone used a single 16" electric fan from a GM car with any success. I noticed that a lot of people use dual fans. It would seem that a mid-90's Camaro or Firebird would work also. Are you using a pusher and a puller or two side-by-side pullers?

My upgrades will probably take the engine to 330-350 hp so I would like something to keep it cool. I use a 180deg thermostat now.

Also - does anyone run the fan all the time, or are you all running with relays and thermo switches? I don't see how it would hurt anything to run the fan all the time.....


One other thought I had was the current draw. I have a stock alternator (60a, I think). Wondering if I would need to up the amps?
There was an extensive discussion on this awhile back. I think the recommendation was a dual fan setup from a late model Firebird/Camaro.
Can anyone help Ken with the link to the discussion?
Thanks, that would be most helpful. Also if anyone has done the deed with the F-body car fan assembly....
Just scroll down on the 68-82 Tech discussion page. It's down there or on page 2. Do a search to come up with more threads.
I posted on this a few weeks ago. Scroll down some. I have the dual fans from a 95 Trans Am that I am trying to install. The problem is that the fans don't clear the upper A arms very easily. In fact, I am still trying to figure out how to modify the fans to fit.


I remember that Hib Halverson has to modify the shroud some on the BBFH. Try going to his site for specific information.
Thanks Bullitt, but I already read hit article. It is not specific in terms of shroud modification. He simply states that he had to modify it. I wish I knew what he did as I can't remotely see how to modify it to fit. There just does not appear to be enough room. I wonder if his 70 has different measurements from my 80 at the radiator. Even if I cut up the shroud, I still don't think I can get the actual fans to clear the A arms. I am thinking of going back to the junk yard and trading in the Trans Am fans for some that may fit a little better.


Ok, I looked at all the past topics relating to "fans" and have come to the conclusion that it's still a guessing game out there. A lot of people have done a lot of things. I don't think a flex-fan is right for a normal street machine. Dual fans seem to have mounting problems in the A-arm area.

I wonder if a 16" 2000cfm single electric fan would fit in the existing shroud opening (there's a 17" in there now, but mounting may be a problem to work out) and would it pull enough air when the A/C is on (not a big worry as I probably only use the A/C once or twice a year). I do see that most of the big cfm fans draw about 11-12 amps so I'll have to run some current tests on the alternator to see what kind of reserve I have now.

Thanks for your assistance.....

you can try this in 1982 corvettes had the mechanical fan plus a electric fan integrated into there fan shroud my 82 had this setup and never ran hot even in california with the a/c on
One of my Car Craft mags suggest fans from 92-96 Olds Siluette(sp?) or Pontiac Trans Sport. There are two different fan options used, one with 150 watt motor and the better 250 watt motor. The 250 watt motor has two small bumps on the back of the motor housing.

I also read on the net where a guy used the fans from a 95 Ford Windstar into his 70 Chevelle. I know, there Ford fans! No flames!!!

I searched the junk yard for about an hour today, but could not find the fans mentioned above or any other that I thought I could retrofit into the vette. I plan to keep looking. If anything, I am having fun trying to figure this out. I am also thinking of writing to Car Craft suggesting an article on retrofiting fans into different cars. In particular, I would ask for a listing of many of the fans used by car brand along with their cfm rating and amp usage. I think lots of people could use this info.



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