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Electric window stuck???



Hi evrybody,can anybody tell me how my window can be stuck?It goes up about 1/4 of the way then just stops!!It will go all the way back down,the motor is new and the window rises quickly,ive tried pulling it up,and pushing it,but it feels like its jammed when it gets up this far,so i cant even close it now.Any advice would be great!

Forgot to say,that the ribbon looks newmand theres no noise when it stops just a faint click when you use the switch.


Welcome to the world of the broken ribbon! I have a new style regulator on my passenger side that works great but my drivers side broke the ribbbon and it sounds identical to your problem. 84 to early 86 had the ribbon style which is slower and prone to breakage. It may look new but the plastic gets brittle from age and all the flexing. It is not a difficult repair but take your time so you don't break any more brittle old plastic parts. I got a Chrysler universal ribbon at NAPA for $17.00 and cut it to fit and it worked great. Identical in everyway to the GM one that they want $30.00 + for you just have to cut it to the right length.

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