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electrical problems



OK, I have a new problem since my AC has been fixed.

My horns do not work at all anymore. Either when the security system arms or when I press the horn buttons. They initailly sounded weak when it's raining out, but they have stopped working completely. I can't even hear the relay clicking.

Next, my speakers sound like they have a bad connection. I can hear some crackling coming from them. Not sure if it's the amps.

My ignition chime sounds like it is struggling to stay alive, sounds really weak.

And I also have the interior, passenger side light flickering on and off when it should be off. This is the light behind the passenger seat, next to the seat belt anchor point.

All of these problems started after I had my AC recharged at Pep Boys. I'm wondering if there is something the mechanic disconnected and forgot about or didn't tighten up.

I'm thinking there must be something common to all these problems (hoping) and feel it my be a bad ground. Where are the grounding points in the engine compartment?

Any other ideas? Has anyone seen this problem before?
:L It appears as though you're lucky it's running at all, Tim. From the indications you give, it sounds like a bad ground or a weak connection. :confused
Man Tim, if it's not one thing it's another. Isn't that always how it seems to work?
I'm not to sure about the electric stuff. After I roasted the ECM in my old Vette from a stereo install, I keep my distance from the colored wires:D

JT, it seems after I got hit, things have been going down hill for my baby. I think I'm going to take tomorrow off from school and dig into her and see what I find.

Z51, the symptoms give me the feeling that it's a grounding issue. I'll just have to dig around and clean all the connections I can find. I just ordered a Factory Service Manual. To bad I don't have it just yet.
Tim, when my car was having electrical issues, I had it towed to Piemonte Chevrolet (in Dundee). A good guy to contact from that dealership is named Shawn. Not sure if he still works there or not, but he's their Corvette guy over there. He probed around for a bit in the wires. Turns out, I had a bad ground wire. He easily found it and repaired it for about $30


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