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electrical work



hello all,
got my steering wheel back together, what a pain in the .....
well you know the rest. thanks for all the help.
new problem, though, i replaced the starter motor , the old one wasnt up to the task anymore. only problem is the old wires to/from the starter and alternator dont seem up to the task anymore (ive had some smoke coming off them upon starting and on inspection they are old and brittle) not the battery wires mind you, just all the other ones.
anyway my question is, does anyone know of a reputable shop that can replace the wiring i am describing. i really dont want a fire under the hood!
im in the ft lauderdale florida area
any help would be appreciated


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Mike, I don't know of a shop in your area, but if you were able to replace the starter on your own, no doubt you can fix the wires.

You have some fusible links down there. You can get new ones at the local auto parts store. You will want to pull the battery loose, jack up the car, pull the starter out of the way, and peel back the wires as much as possible. Go above the factory links, and solder new ones in and heat shrink them for good measure. Wrap it all back up with some good tape/heat shield and put the starter back on.

Good luck.


yes, i tried splicing a new section of wire (there was a section which burned and broke) this wire was from a large bundle of wires to the starter. after fixing this i thought i was done. a week later i went to the gas station, when i tried to start after wards, it wouldnt turn over ( i attribut this to lack of use/low batt charge) when i attempted to jump the car, smoke came from the alternator wires.... im at a loss...
also has anyone redone their front end bushings,etc from vbp?
i am looking to do this and am looking for any feedback on this or other products
thank for the help


I use CAM automotive in Ft Lauderdale 954-832-0144
ask for Carlos and tell him Carlo recommended you. He does top shelf work at a reasonable price and knows vettes.

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