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1989 C4 Coupe, Automatic, NO CRANK, 110K miles (thinking VATS)


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Feb 24, 2018
1989 Red Coupe
I use this forum a lot to look up issues with my 1989 C4 Coupe, Automatic transmission 110K miles. Currently I believe I am suffering with the VATS system, I have tried everything else and a cheap fix will be a good thing if bypassing it works for me. I turn the key and while everything electrical works, the car does not crank nor attempt to crank. I hear the fuel rail prime and all, but turning the key does nothing otherwise. I can start her if I bump the starter. I pulled the front panel and do not see power on the orange wires of the starter switch.
My question though is that when purchasing a resistor, or resistors, to bypass, I am seeing a WATT reference during my purchase. I was looking at FRY's and see 1-WATT or 2-WATT references. My goal is 898 Ohm (this is the value I get from multimeter when testing my key), and found the combination of 4.7k with a parallel inline combination of 1000 ohm and 100 ohm, gets me to 891 ohms. Which I believe is close enough to the range I need. But the WATT reference concerns me...What should I be looking at for this? There are no more RadioShacks to go grab this stuff from anymore, so Fry's is my only and closest option...
Thanks to everyone that has contributed here...you guys are a lifesaver! More than I can even say. Please help a guy out! ;)
Your Vats could be working fine. It could be just the starter Relay or bad connection to it. I would try a few more things B4 I started soldering resistors.You already know the fuel circuit is working.
Im getting ready for work so gota split soon. here's a vid


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