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VATS Issue

Feb 13, 2020
1988 corvette coupe
88 Corvette,
after getting the battery replaced and engine resealed (new gaskets, fixed heads etc ) the security system has been really problematic in the car not cranking, have full power but wont even attempt to crank. security light constantly blinking even if doors are closed.
my keys came with a GM unlock / lock fob.
For 2 weeks after getting it back from the shop would take multiple presses to unlock the car and it would start, now the fob wont unlock it & the security light wont stop blinking, not even if doors closed, open, windows up/down.
Changed the battery in the fob with a known working one. Cleaned the connectors on the fob.
prior to the car going into the shop, vats didnt even work.

I have measured the ohms and its key #11 which i have coming in overnight from ecklers as an attempt to resolve the issue.
Currently its been 2 days and cant start the car & red light still blinking.
Going to also clean the resistor on the key as well today and try.
Only have 1 key for the car.

Anyone else experienced this???

Thanks for your help.
I experienced a similar problem with my '87 coupe, wouldn't start, security light flashing etc, and it turned out to be a broken wire in the steering column that carried the VATS signal to the control module. Living in a rural area and not being to worried about theft, I built a resistor of the proper value (code 5, 1130 ohms)and hardwired it into the wiring under the dash. Problem solved other than VATS being disabled. There are several different ways to solve this problem, depending onyour priorities, but hopefully this will give you some ideas on things to check. Good luck.

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thanks for the info, i was concerned that was the issue as well. what i did as a test last night was cleaned the key resister (that didnt help).
then i got bold and decided to see if i could reset the system and disconnected the negative on the battery, everything went out of course. reconnected, doors unlocked and hatched opened.
Started the car with no issue.
There is a toggle switch underneath my drivers side that i suspected may have already been a disable switch for the vats (aftermarket) someone put in, i flipped it the other way and thus far, car not autolocking after 15 seconds and the security light has stayed off, had no trouble since last night starting the car.
What i think occurred is the kill switch got flipped when in the shop.
Now that could make a fool of me but time will tell. I'm going to do further testing on that toggle switch by turning it back on and off and see if i can recreate the problem i posted.
Appreciate your help!

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