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Electron Blue Corvette



Has anyone seen or has pictures of the Electron Blue Vette??? I just bought one and have to wait until mid-August to get it. I ordered based on just the paint chip sample.
I think Hib Halverson has, check the 2002 forums for the posting. :) Welcome to CACC and congratulations on your purchase! Tell us more, what options, etc...:W:
Thanks for the information. I will check it out.
The Electron Blue black top Convertible is fully loaded (SC package) which includes the HUD. I can't wait.

My dad, who passed away almost 10 years ago when I was 21 had a silver'84. It was awesome. I can't believe that I am actually getting one of my own!
A convertible is the only way to go.;) We :love our convertibles. I'd wanted to add a 2002 to our collection but my husband says there isn't enough of a change for 2002, so we'll wait to see what 2003 brings. Congratulations again, I'm sure you'll really enjoy your vette. Did you order the NCM delivery, too??:W:
What is "the NCM delivery"?? Is that the adjustable shocks? If so, no, the deal recommended against it.
how long can you finance a new corvette for?
NCM Delivery is the National Corvette Museum Delivery, where you go to the National Corvette Museum and pick up your Vette. It's a special delivery program.:) You get a special tour of the National Corvette Museum and the Corvette Assembly Plant. A special plaque for your vette, if your not already a member of the Museum you get a years individual membership (I think) there a a few things. It's a really neat program. You have to order the NCM Delivery option when you order the Vette. It's R8C, not all the dealers seem to know about it.:W:
I did not know about NCM delivery but It would be really difficult for me, between work and my location (Long Island, NY) to pick it up at the museum.

It is really cool that they have that program though! Someday I will have to make the trip!
You can finance a new corvette for up to five years. I chose 3 years.
Congratulations ElectronMan,

I'm sure your father would be very proud. Good Luck with your new vette, and post some pics when you get her.
I was visiting the Corvette Museum two years ago (been there a lot!) and there was some kid about 19 years old picking up a brand new Corvette convertible he dad bought him and he was acting all blase about it. I was like daammmnnn. It was his second Vette, too.
Availability of EB

I am being told by a dealer that EB is on production hold and not available at this time. Doesn't know what the problem is and doesn't have a time frame on any fix. Is any more information available on this? Thanks for any input.

As a 'searching for new corvette' prospective owner, thanks for the great info available on the action center.
Welcome to CACC! Sorry I haven't heard anything about the Electron Blue being on hold, yet. But that doesn't mean anything either. :) I'll try and check with some friends in Bowling Green and see if they can find out anything. I can't promise though. Someone else will probably know for sure. There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people here. Hope you enjoy our site. Be sure and check out the Solid Axle Lounge, it's usually busy on Sunday evenings around 8 or 9.:W:
I called my dealer first thing this morning (Monday). He said that the color is on 'production hold' but that 'production hold' is common (and expected) for new colors. He said not to be too concerned, if there was going to be a real delay, he would let me know.

I believe that he is telling me the truth because I was also considering silver with a black top.

Has anyone else heard anything??? Does anyone have any pictures of the electron blue vette, besides the ones from the press release???:cool

I have it from a very good source that they are taking the new colors slow. :) They aren't on hold just producing low numbers at this time. A few a week and gradually increasing the numbers. They will increase the numbers if the orders increase also, after July 30th.:W:

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