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Ellusive rattle source found


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Jan 19, 2002
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
1999 White Coupe
My 1999 C5 coupe had an ellusive metallic rattle that sounded like it was in the dash on the driver side of the car. The rattle could be heard when I drove on rough or uneven roads. It sounded like a small hammer was tapping on something metal.

After changing the oil and filter yesterday, I checked for any loose parts in the enginge compartment. I found a metal brake line that was loose and would bang against the frame. The line runs underneath the alternator to the ABS controller and is the top line. It was the portion of the brake line that had a "round rim", forward of the heat shield insulation sleeve and below the alternator. I put a piece of rubber hose around the metal line to insulate it where it was banging against the frame. No more metallic rattle.

I purchased my 1999 C5 coupe new and this rattle has been present since I got the car. Once I found the rattle source, it was so obvious and easy to fix. I'll bet other C5's have this rattle.

1999 White C5 Coupe


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Oct 24, 2001
2000 Magnetic Red Vert & 2015 DSOM Coupe Z51-3LT
Sounds exactly like what I have on my 00. Isn't bad for a sports car. I never looked for it because I don't get under the car. It seemed a little to petty to bother the dealer with. Now that I know where to locate it I will be sure to bring it up. Thanks

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