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Site Update: Engine Controls: A Dose of Digital - Part 1: The Basics


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Sep 16, 2000
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New tech article on Corvette Engine Controls has been posted to the Corvette Action Center by Hib Halverson:

With this article, the Corvette Action Center begins a multi-parts series on engine controls diagnostics. As with many of the recent feature technical articles posted on the CAC, we are indebted to Andy Bolig, former Editor of the new-defunct magazine, Corvette Enthusiast. During the magazine's tenure, Andy was generous in allowing the CAC to post revised versions of this series which was originally published in CE in 2007 and 2008.

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Also, stay tuned because we will have Hib's entire Big Block From Hell series that ran in VETTE magazine as well as all of his tech articles from the Idaho Corvette site here at the Corvette Action Center!

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